Summerville For Mayor

Campaign Branding

Ward 4 Councilman John ‘Skip’ Summerville began his campaign for The City of Green Mayor in May 2015.  As a resident of Green, Skip Summerville felt it to be his duty to continue the growth and prosperity of his community.

Skip had previously served as Council Vice President twice and also as the chair of the Finance Committee, the Safety Committee, and the Parks Committee.  His experience was prevalent.  Now it was time to put his plan into action.

About the project and technology

Skip had a vision to communicate to the residents of Green.  The vision had a three-pronged approach: safety, economic development, and livability.

With an already established color palette, the challenge became Skip’s transformation from Ward 4 Councilman to Mayoral candidate.  The logo had established recognition.  What remained was the visual communication of the campaign message.

The deliverables requested were a call-to-action website and email blast campaigns.  Print materials included fundraiser flyers, newspaper ads, push cards, yard signs and large scale billboard promotions.

A few challenges included tight deadlines- sometimes less than just a few hours, tastefully separating the candidate apart from the rest and conveying a call to action to vote John ‘Skip’ Summerville for Mayor.

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