Hustle For Harper

Logo Design/ Web Design/ Branding

Hustle for Harper and Epilepsy’s mission was to help provide assistance to individuals diagnosed with epilepsy, support to the families struggling to cope with the diagnosis and awareness to the community at large to help become empathetic towards all who suffer from seizure disorders.

Harper was simply a sweet, young girl who would battle multiple seizures on a daily basis.  Through education, online forums and public awareness Hustle For Harper helped encourage acceptance.

About the project and technology

The concept for the Hustle For Harper cause began as a dream and became reality.  With November being National Epilepsy Awareness Month, the organization wanted to put on a community run that would gather individuals in support.

A purple ribbon given mascot characteristics was developed as a logo- thus keeping it playful and cheery.  Event shirts which included sponsors were printed for the Annual Hustle For Harper running event.  Awareness campaign posters were designed along with flyers and social media advertisements.

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