Farewell To Broadway

Art Show Promotion

Farewell To Broadway was a one night only event that showcased some of the best local artists in the Akron, Ohio area.  The event was hosted in a turn-of-the-century building that was scheduled for demolition to make way for the city of Akron’s freeway expansion project.

This art show honored the culture, community, families and businesses that once thrived in the the southern district of downtown Akron.

About the project and technology

With any local event, the first priority is to reach your immediate local audience by any means possible- newspapers, radio stations, television networks.  With these local resources willing to help, all that was left was communicating the event properly.

The objective here was to develop advertisements that captured the history of downtown Akron while conjuring interest of the trendy event. This was obtained with an old style font selection and historic imagery balanced with a vivid color palette.

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